Hely & Weber Braces and Supports

Highest quality Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Braces available.

Webly Ankle Support by Hely Weber.
Hely Weber Webly Ankle Orthosis
Figure 8 pull-up straps provide ankle stability by locking the calcaneus in position. The Webly Ankle Brace has a seamless sole to help reduce irritation under the foot.
Hely and Weber Lateral J Patella Stabilizer.
Lateral J Patella Stabilizer 5690
The tubular J buttress with adjustment flap provides directional pull. Medial and lateral spiral stays limit bunching, while allowing full range of motion.
UNO WHO Wrist Hand Orthosis by Hely & Weber.
UNO WHO® Wrist Hand Orthosis
This wrist brace will not snag on clothing because there are no exposed hooks. The stay pod is movable for universal sizing and malleable for a custom fit.
Modabber Thumb Orthosis by Hely Weber.
Modabber Thumb Orthosis
For full mobility, the stays are completely removable. Ideal for treating Basal Joint Arthritis, Throttle Thumb, and thumb tendonitis.
Velocity ROM Hinged Knee Brace by Hely Weber.
Velocity ROM Hinged Knee Brace
This is an ideal "return to sports" knee brace for post MCL and ACL injuries. Its low profile polycentric hinges replicate anatomical knee motion and eliminate "knee-knock" associated with braces of higher profile design.
Universal Buttress Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace.
Patella Stabilizer Universal Tubular Buttress 3630
Universal tubular buttress is movable/removable for individualized patient care. Available in Open or Closed Popliteal (behind the knee).
Tennis Elbow Support with Pad.
Tennis Elbow w/ Pressure Pad 3838
Additional padding is compacted with the unique variable tension strap. It is low profile in design and provides relief for epicondylitis (tennis elbow).
Hely Weber Santa Barbara Thumb Splint.
Santa Barbara Thumb Splint by Hely Weber
Ideal for Gamekeeper’s/Skier’s Thumb, Basal Joint Arthritis, and Thumb Tendonitis. The radial, palmal, and dorsal stay pockets contain a malleable aluminum stay and a spiral stay.

Two-Strap Ankle Wrap
The straps apply in a Figure-8 design. Closed heel nylon stockinette provides equal compression to both the heel and ankle. The Two-strap ankle wrap offers additional compression to the ankle.

Whale Wrist Wrap
A four way stretch of neoprene ensures the wrist brace conforms to the contour of the hand.

Hely & Weber Modabber Wrist Orthosis
Useful in treating wrist sprains or strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, and wrist fractures.
Knapp Sak Shoulder Abduction Sling.
Knapp™ Sak II Shoulder Sling
The Knapp Sak II by Hely & Weber maintains shoulder in neutral position while allowing approximately 30 degrees of shoulder abduction. It also prevents excessive internal rotation of the shoulder.